Issue 20


Monitor, Nico Macdonald

What is the graphic designer’s role in production for the internet and how are studios changing?

Editorial, Rick Poynor
Since the beginning of graphic design there have been graphic authors. Jan Tschichold…


Moira Cullen

Moira Cullen interviews Tibor Kalman

Lou Dorfsman’s mural for CBS’s cafeteria brought expressive typography to enviromental scale

The seamless fantasies devised by designers play a crucial role in the process of selling fashion

Ursula Held

Lars Muller’s dissatisfaction with design’s service role led him to set up his own publishing house

Michael Rock

Graphic authorship is taken for granted by many design theorists and it is gaining ground within practice…

Steven Heller

Amy Guip reconciles commercial image-making with a need to explore more personal themes

Rick Poynor

As designer, writer and educator, Jeffery Keedy is a committed proponent of postmodernism

Peter Mayer

In the digital 1990s, the innovations of concrete poetry are starting to make a new kind of sense