Issue 71


Typography, Education, Jan Middendorp

Formulaic, modular approaches threaten the chemistry of the master-apprentice model.

the editor , John L. Walters
This issue of Eye, a ‘type special’, celebrates a great era for the art, craft and…
Letters to the editor 2

A letter from Harry Woodrow

Letters to the editor 1, Rick Poynor

A letter from Rick Poynor

Risk and ritual
Critique / illustration, Rick Poynor

Anne Harild’s work offers a challenge to the unthreatening norms of British illustration


Football, politics and the mafia
Jessica Jenkins

The walls of Naples are a canvas for the crimes, passions and contradictions of the city’s inhabitants

Heavy metal
Anthony Oliver

These tractor badges survive as relics of a more heroic age: for them, the earth still moves

Reputations: Ian Anderson
Liz Farrelly

‘When I took a back seat to allow TDR to grow beyond me, it died; its creative spark was crushed . . .…

Rick Poynor

Metahaven makes visual proposals that suggest a new role for graphic design in public life

Deborah Littlejohn

The digital revolution still fuels a creative explosion in the way type is made and sold. Twelve…

Britain’s signature
John L. Walters

Margaret Calvert signed the UK – from road to rail to air. Now Henrik Kubel has digitised her Rail…

The DNA of ABCs
Sofie Beier

Multifunctional font families, crafted for every eventuality, are doing away with the need to seek out…

Drawn to be wild
Rian Hughes

Expressive, explosive and sometimes beautiful, this hand-drawn magazine lettering defies categorisation

Scale and spirit
Paul Shaw

Optically sized fonts are the ‘slow food’ trend of typography, appreciated by a minority but with…