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Relentless information

Issue 83, Summer 2012


Riding the persistent wave of popular interest in data visualisation…

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Type Tuesday

6 March 2012

A facelift for Italian daily Corriere della Sera – from Brera and Solferino
In late 2004 Gianluigi Colin, design director at Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera – one of the oldest newspapers in Italy – led a comprehensive redesign as the daily migrated to full colour presses for the first time in its 135-year history, writes Alexander Ecob.

The form of the essay

25 January 2012

FLOK’s clothbound series design for publishers Notting Hill Editions
The essay is a form of writing that has largely fallen out of the public’s consciousness, writes Alexander Ecob.

Gill sans Eric

6 June 2011

Brighton show will put MacDonald ‘Max’ Gill back on the map.
One could be forgiven for not knowing that Eric Gill had a brother. MacDonald ‘Max’ Gill (1884-1947) has been overshadowed by the legacy of his elder sibling writes Alexander Ecob. (A matter further complicated by Max’s 1946 marriage to Priscilla Johnston, the daughter of Eric’s mentor Edward Johnston.)