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Back with a flourish

Issue 62, Winter 2006


A taste for ornamentation and 1970s kitsch has led to a revival in the swash, the ‘tea cosy’ of…

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Ghosts of designbots yet to come

21 December 2016

Automated graphic design and the rise of robot creatives – Francisco Laranjo files a critical report from the perspective of Christmas 2025
From our perspective here in 2025, it all seems inevitable, writes Francisco Laranjo. But maybe it wasn’t.

Bodoni the celebrity

9 June 2016

Giambattista Bodoni was a pioneer, a polymath and a perfectionist printer. Robert Hanks reviews a new book about the man behind the typeface
Anybody with an interest in typography will have come across the name Bodoni; but the reasons for his fame are more obscure, writes Robert Hanks.