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Go-faster graphics

Issue 16, Spring 1995


Radical young designers changed the face of British design in the 1980s. A decade later, their…

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Classic Collections – Back to the 90s

11 February 2016

Surf back down the information superhighway to a time when the World Wide Web was thrillingly new – with Eye nos. 14, 16, 23 & 25
   Most early editions of Eye magazine are out of print. However a handful from the mid-to-late 1990s are still available from the Eye shop at ESco in Essex, and this bundle is an especially good bargain for magazine addicts.

Lost and found

31 May 2012

The Pop-tastic Mr Edwards turns old images and type into collectable zines.
Expat Mister Edwards, still of the parish of Sydney, Australia, has been exploring the term ‘Pop’ via a series of zines, writes Liz Farrelly. So far Pop Gun, Pop Corn, Pop Sox and Pop Tarts (below) have hit the top shelf.