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Stuck in neutral

Issue 94, Summer 2017


The scope of Mapping Graphic Design History in Switzerland is expansive. The…

Thirty years before the masthead

Issue 88, Summer 2014


This book is a lavishly illustrated summary of the three decades when Swiss…

Back to basics in Basel [extract]

Issue 58, Winter 2005


Basel School of Design's First Summer Program was a life-changing experience

Reputations: Wolfgang Weingart

Issue 4, Summer 1991


‘My work is like a quarry. People see a stone they like, appropriate it and work it until there’s…

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Five strategies tabled in Eindhoven

27 October 2014

Van Abbemuseum throws new light on Jan van Toorn’s critical design practice
Homage exhibitions are inherently celebratory, writes Francisco Laranjo. However ‘Staging the Message: The Open Work of Jan van Toorn’, now at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands until 18 Jan 2015, offers a critical challenge to that tradition.