Winter 2018

Elusive characters

Marcel’s Letters

By Carolyn Porter
Skyhorse Publishing $24.99, £16.99

On the surface, Marcel’s Letters is a fascinating story. Once you dig a little deeper, though, you realise the book is a strange hybrid. Part novel, part historical research, part obsessive manhunt, part personal journey, part account of the creation of a script font – the author, graphic designer Carolyn Porter, organically intertwines all of these aspects into a coherent, gripping page-turner. The catalyst for the story is a stack of letters in French signed by a certain ‘Marcel’ dating from the end of the Second World War. Porter discovers them in an antiques shop in Stillwater, Minnesota …

Yves Peters (Bald Condensed), graphic designer, typography writer, Ghent, Belgium

Read the full version in Eye no. 95 vol. 24, 2018


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