Winter 2017

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Boooook: The Life and Work of Bob Cobbing

Ed. William Cobbing and Rosie Cooper
Designed by Sara De Bondt
Occasional Papers, £20

Boooook is the first publication to give a retrospective overview of the life and work of Bob Cobbing, the renowned British concrete / visual / sound poet. Cobbing (1920–2002) forced poetic form from something fixed in print into a vigorous physical act of utterances and gestures. To him the visual poem was akin to a musical score, whether it be composed of typographic forms, smudges of ink, or images distorted on a photocopier. Cobbing claimed, in his introduction to Word Score Utterance Choreography (Writers Forum, 1998), that it was ‘a mistake to think of poetry as just a branch of literature; it is also a branch of the performing arts and has much more in common with music, dance and the graphics’ – a view that will excite broad-minded graphic designers.


Cover from Boooook.
Spread showing ‘Untitled’ from Computer Scores, 1987, and ‘Beethoven Today’ from Sonic Icons, 1970.


Matthew Robertson, designer, educator, poet, Bath

Read the full version in Eye no. 93 vol. 24, 2017


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